BriefBuilder goes underground

We are proud to announce that the Danish Road Directorate has decided to use BriefBuilder for the Nordhavn Tunnel Project in Copenhagen. Together with their lead consultant Rambøll, the Danish Road Directorate will use BriefBuilder to capture and define all requirements for the project and to manage the project’s compliance with these requirements during the tender and construction phases.

The tunnel will be 1.4 km long and connect Copenhagen’s Nordhavn area (the future of 40.000 inhabitants) with the rest of the city. The project’s budget is 3.4 billion Danish kroner and it is planned to be ready for use in 2027. It is great project to be part of. There are lots of requirements, lots of stakeholders and lots of disciplines involved — exactly the kind of the project that we love at BriefBuilder : – )

More info about the project (in Danish) can be found here: