🚀Integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

BriefBuilder launches integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud

Press release from BriefBuilder

BriefBuilder’s new integration enables design teams and contractors to link requirements from the client’s brief to design and construction documentation in Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Rotterdam, Sept 1 – BriefBuilder, an award-winning requirements management solution, today announced a new integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud®, a portfolio of software and services that combines advanced technology, a builders network and predictive insights for construction teams. Now, customers can directly link supporting documents hosted in Autodesk® Build, Autodesk® Docs, or BIM 360® to the requirements in BriefBuilder as backup documentation and evidence of compliance with project requirements.

Construction clients and their advisers use BriefBuilder to develop project briefs or architectural programs that capture key requirements for a variety of project aspects in a systematic way. Meanwhile, design teams and contractors use BriefBuilder to analyse the client’s requirements and systematically verify whether their design proposals and solutions meet the set requirements.

“Many of our customers have been asking for this integration, especially those that are working with compliance management and verification,” said Gijben Hornes, CEO, BriefBuilder. “The central idea is to make it easier for contractors and design teams to demonstrate that their work is compliant with the client’s needs and demands.”

BriefBuilder captures and structures all project requirements, but clients also want to track changes and be sure that the project’s end-result complies with these requirements.

Gijben continues: “And that is where this integration comes into play. By linking requirements, verification plans, verification results, and construction documentation, it enhances traceability and quality control.”

“Compliance with set requirements for design proposals and solutions, as well as other project aspects, are key for construction clients, design teams and contractors,” said James Cook, director partner integrations, Autodesk Construction Solutions. “The models and documentation customers trust to Autodesk Construction Cloud capture more detail about their projects than ever before. By linking that information with BriefBuilder, contractors and designers can all better ensure they deliver exactly what their clients expect.”

The integration itself is elegantly simple. To create the connection, go to the settings menu in a BriefBuilder model. Select Autodesk Construction Cloud as the Document Management System, enter your credentials, and it works. Simple as that. No software skills required.

Tobias Groothuijse, BriefBuilder’s integration lead, concludes: “Integrating with Autodesk Docs is just the beginning. Our aim is to fully integrate requirements management in design, engineering and construction processes. So, expect more to come!”

About BriefBuilder

BriefBuilder is a leading requirements management solution that is widely used in complex construction projects such as hospitals, labs, production facilities, tunnel, roads and much more. It enables construction clients to define, standardize and manage requirements for their projects. For design teams and contractors, BriefBuilder provides the possibility to review, analyse and verify requirements in a systematic way, thereby helping to make sure that their solutions meet the needs and demands of their clients. Learn more about BriefBuilder at briefbuilder.com.

For more info, contact Gijben Hornes (hornes@briefbuilder.com) or request a free trial on the Briefbuilder website.

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