🚀Coming soon: Typicals!

We are soon going to release a powerful new feature in BriefBuilder: Typicals

The typicals feature will allow BriefBuilder users to easily manage the requirements of similar, frequently reoccurring objects in their projects. Think of patient rooms in hospitals, classrooms in schools, or road segments for infrastructure projects.

You will be able to predefine such objects for your model and then use them as standardized ‘building blocks’ for the spatial break down of your project, e.g. as the rooms of a specific department in a hospital building, or as segments for a road or tunnel.

These objects will then automatically get the same requirements as the typical from which they are derived. Also later changes to a typical will automatically apply to all the ‘instances’ of this typical.

In database lingo, this mechanism is called inheritance

Good to know: our inheritance mechanism will be flexible. You will still be able to make changes to the requirements of an instance, but these are then marked as a deviation from typical—which is crucial information for the design team.

We are currently still testing, but we should be done in a couple of weeks. We’ll let you know!