🚀Requirement texts

We have created a new feature for construction clients and contractors that work with textual requirements instead of model-based requirements, as we normally do in BriefBuilder. 

We are not a big fan of requirements in a text format (we prefer a more BIM-like approach), but in particular in the civil engineering and energy sector, the use of requirement texts is still widespread and it is not always possible to transform these texts into model-based requirements – for either legal or practical reasons.

Therefore, we have now created a dedicated requirement text module, which allows you to:

✔ Create a requirements breakdown structure (RBS)
✔ Add attributes to requirement texts (e.g. external ID, source, …)
✔ Add labels to requirement texts (e.g. requirement categories)
✔ Link requirement texts to objects (e.g. systems or locations)
✔ Analyse requirement texts
✔ Verify requirement texts
✔ Manage changes
✔ Import requirements from other tools

It is a kind of ‘systems engineering light’

BriefBuilder users can find more information here.