FM Service Requirements. Maintenance - Select systems and components that are robust, durable and reliableproven technologies rather than untested innovations- Make sure that building systems can easily be reached for maintenance, including easy access to light fixtures, HVAC filters, patch panels, et cetera- Provide sufficient space for storing maintenance equipment, materials and spare partsCleaning - Provide sufficient space for storing cleaning materials, cleaning cabinets and staff changing rooms- Keep surfaces and finishes free from open joints, crevices or corners where dirt can accumulate- Use materials that can be cleaned with sustainable, non-toxic detergents.- Consider use of sensors that indicate need for cleaning (e.g. in toilets)Security - Limit the number of entrances and openable faade elements (ground level)- Install systems for surveillance, access control, detection, fire safety and emergency communication- Position rooms and functions according to clients desired security zoning.- Provide an adequate security room (large buildings)Catering - Ensure a short distance between delivery entrance and kitchen/kitchen storage- Provide appropriate temperature conditions for the processing and storage of food and beverage products- Provide sufficient storage space for catering supplies, for restaurant, pantries and vending machines, where applicableWaste management - Provide adequate space for waste storage/recycling, inside and outside the building. Make sure storage is out of sight- Provide adequate waste disposal facilities for end users (e.g. in pantries)Relocation - Make sure that corridors, doors and elevators allow for the internal movement of furniture and equipment- Provide space for the temporary storage of furniture- Create an adequate delivery entrance and loading docks where necessaryMail handling/ - Provide adequate space for mail room and a print/scanning roomRepro services - Provide proper ventilation in rooms with printers/scannersBuilding management - Link the buildings systems to an integrated building management system- Provide a plan for commissioning, training and handover- Provide a smart metering system for the use of utilities per floor/unit- Provide for full (BIM) documentation of the project and a handbook for its managementFM requirementsEach facility management activity comes with its own requirements.