Technical brief. Alternative names: detail brief, operational brief, technical programmePhasing-Should be ready and approved before the design team starts on the buildings technical designTarget group-Project team, FM/real estate department and the design team (especially the electrical/ mechanical/construction engineers)Purpose-To provide the design team with sufficient information to develop a technical design -To serve as a test basis for quality control of the technical design-To provide input for the tendering/purchase of inventory and equipmentInput-External experts: for complex issues, such as indoor climate or security-Facility management department: for issues concerning maintenance and operation-Expert users: for special functions, such as IT-rooms, archives, laboratories -External standards/guidelines/building codesContents-Indoor climate: requirements for thermal/visual/acoustic comfort and air quality-Construction elements: requirements concerning finishes, partitions, ceilings, et cetera-Mechanical services: requirements at system level (e.g. ease of maintenance) and room level (e.g. outlets for gases and liquids)-Electrical services: requirements at system level (e.g. degree of integration) and room level (e.g. provision of power/data)-Fittings, furniture and equipment (FF&E): requirements concerning loose components such as furniture and bathroom fixturesFormat-General texts for requirements at system level-Room data sheets for requirements at room level, often captured in a database to keep requirements manageable (see Briefing and BIM, page 133)-List of relevant guidelines, standards and building codes49