In large and complex projects, the briefing model can be used to predefine a set of standard spaces which can serve as the building blocks for the total space list. Think of patient rooms in hospitals, classrooms in schools or workspaces in office buildings. Such spaces will occur in large numbers in a project and will, more or less, have the same requirements in terms of size, indoor climate, fixtures and fittings. A predefined set of standard spaces can then be copied or cloned when defining the spatial needs per department or business unit of the user organization. These unique spaces will then have the same requirements as the standard space from which they are derived. In addition, any later changes will automatically apply to all the derived spaces. So, if a standard patient room has a requirement that it should be at least 12 square metres, this requirement will automatically apply to all the patient rooms that are based on this standard. Total spacelist Standard spacesBuildingStandard Department A patient roomsize: 12 sq.m. NUA \x02nishes: easy to clean Patient roomfurniture: 1 bed; 2 chairs temp (summer): max.22C0Department BPatient roomDepartment CPatient roomStandard rooms and clonesThe diagram above shows how a standard patient room is used at multiple places in the total room list. Software routines will ensure that all these rooms have the same requirements. 136