Phasing-Should be ready and approved before the design team starts on the design developmentTarget group-Project team and design team, especially those members who are responsible for the architectural designPurpose-Provide the design team with sufficient information to produce a developed design with fully developed floor plans-Capture and communicate space allocation within the client organization-Serve as a test basis for quality control of the developed designInput-Occupancy studies: get a detailed, quantitative insight into the current use of spaces-Walk-throughs: get a first-hand understanding of users current activities -Interviews/workshops with departments to determine their specific needs-Interviews/workshops with the facility management department to determine the need for operational spaces (storage spaces, cleaning spaces, etc.) -Project visits and benchmarks: learn from the experience of comparable projects-Literature research: find relevant guidelines and standards for the use of space for different functions/activitiesContents-Users/organization: description of user organization (e.g. number of users)-Activities: explanation of activities that need to be accommodated (e.g. office work)-Primary spaces: spaces to accommodate the clients core activities (e.g. office space)-Support spaces: facilities/amenities to support the buildings usage (e.g. pantries)-Facility management spaces: practical, back-of-house spaces (e.g. storage space)-Adjacencies: descriptions/diagrams that show the desired logistics between spaces-Zoning: diagrams that show the desired clustering or separation of spaces-Space list: a systematic overview/breakdown of all the required functions/spaces-Capacities/sizes: indications of required area per function/spaceFormat-Texts to explain space standards and general principles for space allocation-Visual representations (bubble diagrams, zoning diagrams, user journey maps) to explain functional needs-Spreadsheets or a database for listing the buildings spaces and their sizes/capacities41