All service corridors should be wide General enough for pallet 200 sqm) They should also be separated from the regular routing through the building.Furniture Archivesstorage Goodsaccess to(approx. (approx.elevator all oors 100 sq.m.)100 sq.m.)Service corridorsCleaning DeliveryServiceCanteen storage area corridors storage(approx.(approx. 100 sq.m.) Entrance 100 sq.m.)TemporaryOverlapping/ storageconnected spaces (approx. 30 sq.m.)Mail/scanroom(approx. 60 sq.m.)Out of viewAreaParking for wasteareaSuciently wide containers for vans/ for turningtrucksDirect route between spacesAdjacency diagramsAdjacency requirements can be communicated using bubble diagrams in which bubbles represent spaces (varying in diameter to indicate relative size) and the lines between them the desired adjacencies (varying in type or thickness to indicate importance).This diagram is an example of an adjacency diagram for the facility management spaces in an office building.