TopicsFunctional \x15exibility: Spatial \x15exibility: The ability of spaces to facilitate di\x0ferentThe ability to change \x05oor plans, without functions. For example o\x07ce rooms that canmajor costs or business disruptions. Think of easily be repurposed as meeting rooms bygridded o\x07ce \x05oors with movable wiring changing the furniture.and ducting in which functions can easily be moved around.Flexibility to expand:Flexibility to subdivide:The ability to expand the size of the building, forThe ability to subdivide the buildinginto units example by adding a new wing or extra \x05oors onfor di\x0ferent users, for example to sublet top of the building.excess space to other organizations.Different kinds of flexibilityClients can ask for different kinds of flexibility, ranging from functional flexibility and spatial flexibility to the flexibility to expand or shrink the building.