Example of a room data sheetRoom data sheets are a useful means for providing an overview of all the requirements that may apply at room level. This is an example of a room data sheet for a classroom. Room dataclassroomDescription Traditional classroom where the teacher leads discussions in front of the class. Should also be suitable for group work and individualized teaching.Users30 pupils; 1 teacherSpatial requirementsMin. usable floor area60 (sq.m.) Min. height 3200 (mm)Spatial relationsIn proximity to:toilets (pupils); coat area (pupils)Visual connection with: CorridorIndoor climateAcoustic comfort Thermal comfortReverberation timeMax. 0.6 (sec) Temp. heating season 20-24 (oC)Sound level unoccupied Max. 30 (dBA) Draught rate 20%Signal-to-noise ratio Min. 15 (dBA) Air quality Visual comfortCO 2concentration Max. 950 ppm Daylight factor 5%Ventilation Min. 8.5 dm/s/person Light level work surface 500 (lux)Openable windows Yes Light transmission glass 70%Max. contrast ratio 3:15:1Outside view YesPossibility to darken room YesBuilding elementsNameQuantity NoteFloor finish: standard -Ceiling finish: standard -Wall finish: standard -Electrical servicesNameQuantity NoteData connection (UTP) 4 1 nearby smart boardPower connection (4 sockets) 4Wi-Fi access point 1 located in ceilingSpeaker (sound system) 1Mechanical servicesNameQuantity NoteCold water tap 1Fixtures / fittings / furnitureNameQuantity NoteSmart board 1Pin board 1Storage unit 1Handbasin 148