BriefBuilder for Urban Development

Define in exact terms what urban quality is

Organize and manage requirements in an easily accessible, online model

Facilitate online collaboration and dialogue

Review requirements with stakeholders and get approvals

Use intuitive breakdown structures to define your project’s scope

Use one model for both strategic and detailed specifications

Define the type of urban quality required

Bring all your requirements—concerning walkability, sustainability, climate adaptation, zoning, safety and much more—together all in one model

Break it down

To manage large scale urban projects, break them down into smaller parts—differentiating between spaces, systems and elements—and define the critical interfaces.

Manage the details

Every urban function comes with detail requirements. Integrate all these in a single model and maintain overview.

Track and check quality

Systematically review and validate design proposals. Make sure that none of your essential requirements is overlooked or ignored.

Facilitate collaboration

Different stakeholders can easily work together, making comments and posing questions, removing inefficiency and friction in the process.

Cut development time

Cut development time by defining standard specifications (e.g. for spaces like parks and streets, and elements like waste bins and street lighting) which you can then easily (re)use.