Faster and better project definition

BriefBuilder helps to capture and define quality requirements in a systematic way. The captured information can be strategic (e.g. project objectives), functional (e.g. concerning users and their activities) and/or technical (e.g. concerning indoor climate, fixtures, fittings).

Systematic quality control

Requirements can be linked to test plans for quality control and commissioning. Such plans can be used to define when, how and by whom design proposals are tested against the clients requirements. Also test outcomes and test reports can be captured easily.

Knowledge management

Predefined quality standards and tests can be used across multiple projects. The use of standardized templates (e.g. for building types or standard rooms) makes the briefing and design process for new projects quicker and more efficient.

Seamless design integration

Data in BriefBuilder can easily be exchanged and integrated with data in design applications such as Revit. The design team can then easily find information and it allows for automatic verifications between the design requirements and design solutions.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration

With BriefBuilder, different disciplines and stakeholders can collaborate in a systematic way. Different parties can be made responsible for different requirements. Questions and remarks can be made online. Labels can be used to show which items require review and approval.

BriefBuilder allows me to structure all project requirements in a very neat, organized, systematic way. Thereby, it is an excellent help in complex projects where there are lots of stakeholders and interests involved.

Kjersti Bjørkeng Størdal Process managemer at ÅF Consult Norway

Every project starts with client requirements. BriefBuilder is the perfect tool for capturing those requirements and integrating these seamlessly into our BIM workflows.

Martijn de Riet Co-founder and information specialist at Bimforce

BriefBuilder is a powerful tool for systems engineering in construction projects. We consider it as an essential add-on for every serious BIM project. Convincers for us are usability, flexibility and the excellent support from the BriefBuilder team.

Jan van Sichem Owner BIMplan

We chose BriefBuilder because of its flexibility. The BriefBuilder team customized the application to our specific needs and now it helps us to keep overview of the all requirements for this huge, 174,000 square meter project.

Martin Blaaberg Lead requirements engineer for the new Aalborg University Hospital

With BriefBuilder, we were better able to handle the briefing process and the quality control during the tendering of the project

Maarten van Beek chief executive of the municipality of Westland, responsible for the new town hall

We are running critical projects with lots of technical complexity. BriefBuilder helps us to keep a grip on quality.

Ruud Serlé senior project manager at TNO

We use BriefBuilder as a tool for quality control in our projects, capturing both requirements and design verifications in a very systematic way

Mart Hinssen senior consultant at Royal HaskoningDHV

We are running several parallel projects. BriefBuilder is helping us with the standardization of specifications, making sure all projects live up to the same standards

Marc Koster director of real estate, Rijnstate hospital